What is a micro bikini? All you need to know about it

Hey ladies, Australia summer is coming soon! Don’t wear an ordinary swimsuits! Let’s try microkini! Don’t you hear it? Very curious, right! 

In this blog, we would like to show you all about what micro bikini is! Get ready? Go!

It was not until 1946 that the first bikini was introduced. Since then swimsuit design has undergone various styles that continually become smaller and smaller. The microkini, however was first invented in the 1970s as a response to laws in many countries that made nude sunbathing illegal on public beaches. 

Nowadays, micro bikini is widely developed that has 2 versions for bọt men and women. A woman’s microkini might be little more than two very small pieces of fabric to hide the nipples and a skimpy, low-cut thong bottom. A man’s version is simply nothing more than a very small thong bottom.



Some microkinis are even skimpier and don’t even bother with strips of cloth. Instead they use fishing wire or other nearly-invisible materials to hold the incredibly small pieces of fabric in place. Some don’t even bother to completely cover the genitalia. They may be so low cut in the front that the wearer is exposing themselves, or they may even be partially transparent. 

So What is a micro bikini?

A micro bikini simply is an ultra-skimpy bathing suit with lots of variations for both genders. This type of bikinis, however, is designed to cover the smallest amount of skin. Some are so sparse in design that they are forbidden to dress on public beaches in some nations that don’t allow nude sunbathing.


What is micro bikini?

Additionally, a microkini typically has a top that is designed to show as much of the females’ breast without exposing the nipple. So, both the top and the bottom of an extreme bikini like a micro are designed to show off as much as possible without exposing parts of the body that might be considered indecent.

Quick look about the variations of Micro bikini! What is yours?

Throughout the decades, micro bikinis get many variant ranging from brazilian, mono, micro, tie-side, thong, g-string, euro, and the list continues…

Cheeky bikini

Cheeky is the microkini that has a deeper cut up the back-side that cuts up the cheeks. Cheeky offers butt coverage without the “diaper” effect that you get with most full-coverage bikinis. 

If you get butts, let try least one pair of scrunch butt bottoms since it shows off your natural curves. It is true that full-coverage bikinis may make women look wider, but the cheeky cut is flattering to the hips and butt by training the eye to associate lesser fabric with a narrower profile. 

High Cut Bikini 

The high cut bikini refers to the cut of the bottoms that feature a deep V in front and side straps that sit above the waist. This V cut creates an alluring look that trims the waistline and accentuates the hips. However shaped you are, this type of micro bikini will should you well.

Thong Bikini 

The thong bikini has 30%-50% less fabric than the Cheeky cut bikini. This microkini has modest coverage in the front and either ties or connects to the fabric in the back.

If the cheeky ones are not completely please you, thongkini may be the best for you girls! Thongkini is more popular than other microkinis in general because it can cover more amount of skin. Thus it becomes completely acceptable at public beaches.

Teardrop G-String 

The Teardrop G-String takes inspiration from the “teardrop” shape of the cups. This microkini shows very minimal coverage on top with just enough to hide the nipples. The bottoms also mirror a teardrop shape in the front that taper to a narrow point at the crotch.

See Though & Sheer Micro Bikini 

This micro bikini leaves very little to the imagination featuring material that is see through or sheer. Clear micro bikinis are perfect for tanning in the backyard or lounging on a beach where nudity is allowed. These bikinis are all about the ability to see what’s underneath and still include the same micro-mini coverage like other micro bikinis. 

Crotchless Bikini

This is the most extreme micro bikini of all. The crotchless is highly similar to open crotch panties that get a cut-out crotch. Be careful to put it on because it may be illegal when show it of in some public places.

Special notes if you are a fan of micro bikini

Some public swimming pools and beaches all over the world introduce regulations against micro bikinis although they are covering the essential parts. Most public pools or any other public place where children are allowed will typically have rules against g-strings. Private pools and beaches are typically where people can wear micro string bikinis in these countries. 

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