Top hottest 10 micro bikini in the first half of 2020

It June to be! And, don’t you realize that we went through the first half of 2020? How is your micro bikini collection now? Do you regularly update it with the newest trendy bikini? Let’s look back top 10 hottest micro bikinis ruled this period of time, thus prepare swimsuit for the upcoming holiday season


No matter what you’re here for high-cut bottom or want to make a special choice in this season’s neon colors, we listed our top 10 bikinis was the trend in the first half of 2020 for your easier choices. Not only will they give you an idea or two of what’s hot and what’s not in the bikini department, but their sheer diversity will remind you that anybody is a bikini body!

Top hottest 10 micro bikini in the first half of 2020

Mono micro bikini

Although there will be a month before our relaxing in the bikini, it seems to be late if you do not have any preparation for a micro bikini for the upcoming beach season! 

You are a summer lover, don’t you? For many of us, one of the most interesting things is about planning a getaway is getting your micro bikini looks in order. From stylish one piece swimsuit to figure-flaunting bikinis, there are more than enough buzzy swimwear brands that make being worth it.  

Mono micro bikini

This is the basic style of bikinis which are very popular in photoshoots or movie. It looks almost identical to the original bikini but simpler and skimpier. This allows you to feel more comfortable as you are nearly free from dissatisfied materials or designs.

String bikini – The sexiest one in the micro bikini collection

It is true that you can find string bikini or stringini everywhere. But, we are sure that our team designer is one of the fastest people who catch the latest trend and create the sexiest bikini as well. We also add some accessories such as laces to make it more attractive. 

Clearly, string bikini is the micro bikini that allows you to show off 98% body thus amazing the crowd. Providing that you think a string bikini is just a gimmick, there is much more to this product type than most people realize. Each one of these is quite unique in its own regard.

Micro bikini - string bikini

As a girl, we believe that you will love to become sexy and hot. However, not every figure is meant to wear a bikini to look that tempting. This is a type of bikini that make you feel no worry about uncomfortable materials or designs.

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High-waisted bikini

As you know, we always keep updating for micro bikini collection with the most trendy and beautiful item. And, the high waisted one is really suitable for girls walking and having fun on the beach.

Micro bikini - high waisted bikini

There is nothing better than enjoying summer the right way. Believe us this is the best thing about extreme swimwear is that there are so many different items to choose from.

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Plus-size swimsuit

It is true that not all women have perfect shapes. Thus, if you are a little overweight, don’t you dare to put on a micro bikini? Don’t worry because our team designs a special collection of plus-size swimsuit just for you.

Micro bikini - plus size bikini

We did the same thing for postpartum swimsuits, too — the best suits for postpartum (or nursing) are peppered throughout AND can be found at-a-glance in the Postpartum Swim section.

Animal Print Swimsuits

If you want to be looked playful and fun, this is the one for you. Retailers seem to be having trouble keeping these in stock, so if you’re tempted…do not hesitate!

Micro bikini- animal painting

Bronzed, Tan and Brown: The Surprisingly Sexy Suit

In the spirit of full disclosure…I’ve been waiting for brown to make a comeback. I have a brown string bikini that is at least eight years old, and it’s still one of my favorite colors to wear to the beach.

Micro bikini 1

Pastel Bathing Suits

Pastels are making a comeback, and we love. (Although, I think every year they slide their way into the trends somehow.) They’re feminine and sweet, but some of these backs still make ’em feel sexy.

Micro bikini 2

Striped Swimmers

Can there be anything more flushed-cheeks, girl-next-door sexy than a striped suit? I think not. (And stripes can sometimes help distract from a pooch. Strange but true.)

micro bikini 4

Pretty Floral Swimsuits

Romantic and pretty, and still a little bit sexy. It’s hard to beat a good floral.

micro bikini 5

Dark Floral Swimsuits

Remember that a good vibe comes from floral. Let’s refresh yourself and go on beachday!

micro bikini 6

In the process of brainstorming a new idea for our micro bikini, we always remember the questions why the girls want to be hotter. Maybe her lovers feel after seeing her in front of their eyes. With a sexy extreme bikini set, you never let yourself loose.

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