Top 10 cutest Japanese style micro bikini!

Have you ever paid a visit to Japan? If yes, what attracted you most? As you know Japan is well known for its elegant fashion! How about it bikini culture? Have you ever wore a Japanese micro bikini on the beach? If not, it is time for you to try a really new swimwear style. It is a style of Japanese bikini!

japanese micro bikini

In Japan, fashion trends seem to come and go almost before you notice them. With summer rapidly approaching, many people are already planning their summer swimwear. One of this year’s most popular bikinis is a bit of a departure from last year’s styles, and it might just make you do a double-take.

japanese micro bikini

Providing that you thought that you had attracted lots of attention when wearing a hot bikini this summer holiday, brace yourself. Let’s take a look over the top 10 Japanese micro bikini trends to prepare well for the coming summer holiday.

japanese micro bikini

Disclaimer: I am not sure the collection mentioned below is all famous all over the world. They are, however a must-have in Japan this summer.

It is a pity to talk about Japanese micro bikini without mentioning about stringy bikini

A string-thin ‘bikini’ is taking the internet by storm having just landed in Japan because this Japanese micro bikini has hailed the hottest trend in all runway as well as store this summer.

japanese micro bikini

I think that this style of the bikini is too familiar on social media like Instagram or Facebook! In Japan, this unique one-piece is all the rage. In addition, this type of bikini is very sexy and practical, with their similarity to nature that is favored by numerous girls all over the world recently. 

Women in Japan are snapping up the bondage-inspired swimsuits among the Japanese micro bikini

This trend begins from the optional black thigh-high socks to complete the ‘sexy’ look. Somebody loves it for the creative style that has never seen before. And most girls are crazy about it tan lines which make this Japanese micro bikini become the latest fashion statement taking the country by storm.

japanese micro bikini

Rocket24 explained: ‘It is a design that only the bravest of the brave would dare to wear down at the beach this summer. The perfectly placed cut-outs are designed to show off feminine curves.”

Japanese micro bikini for big-boobed ladies 

This trend appears especially for those who have big-boobed ladies. So what is their unique point? That is they help to secure breasts whilst remaining comfortable.

japanese micro bikini

As you know it is 2020 and there are no blocks for us to join beach activity with lovey micro bikini! So, this is a magic swimsuit that enhances a girl’s confidence when playing outside! And no one can judge us? 

A raunchy swimsuit trend comeback to Japanese micro bikini collection this year

Amazingly, this type of bikini ruled all the bikini trends in Japan in 2016. It, however, disappeared in 4 years, then finally came back to become the most adorable Japanese micro bikini this year.

japanese micro bikini

Have you ever try something odd? 

If NOT, then welcome to the world of creativity. It is true that not all people are suitable and confident to show off with this type of bikinis because the unusual two-piece shows bare and uncovered style as well as a plentiful portion of underboob in plain sight. It is so funny, is not it? It seems we ought to catch up with Japan. Kudos to them for creativity!

japanese micro bikini

Let make your Japanese micro bikini new by trying the racerback bikini top

The racerback bikini top has cutouts and straps that reveal nearly 360 degrees of cleavage-underboob and sideboob most definitely included. The boy short-inspired bikini bottoms have two straps at either hip and cover a woman’s nether regions with a teeny, tiny patch of fabric.

japanese micro bikini

High waist bikini continue to be the must-have item in a Japanese micro bikini collection 

This year the “high waist boom is hitting hard, and now it’s hitting swimwear. The hottest new trend is the high-waisted bikini.

The curve-enhancing and waist-defining contours combined with a leg-lengthening cut make these bottoms a winning look for all ladies. So, if you’re after that enviable hourglass silhouette, the high-waisted bikini can help you get it. You just need to know the most flattering designs to choose from, and we can help with this list. Now, just prepare for a seriously hot summer, because you’ll be sizzling in these styles.

japanese micro bikini

It is an undeniable fact that Japanese micro bikini has added lots of stylish and chicky swimwear items to the global trends. Thus, lots of these types of bikinis are going to be favored by international beacheholics. It is a new era for you to change or update your swimwear styles! Let’s try these items on your next trip.

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