Tiny Bikinis series: Slingshot bikini

Welcome sexy ladies to our slingshot bikini world again! 

When you looking for micro bikini extreme sling, you must consider not only the style but also their usage. However, among hundreds of products with different colors and types, choosing suitable micro bikini extreme sling is not an easy task. 


In this post, we show you how to find the right micro bikini extreme sling. Please check out our suggestions to find the best micro bikini extreme sling for you.

A long-time story about slingshot bikini

The slingshot bikini or sling swimsuit initially emerged in the early 1990s, following the advent of Lycra. As for its unique design, the slingshot bikini hurriedly became more famous on the beaches of Europe. Slingkini that running between the breasts and around the neck held the suit up were introduced in the mainstream in 1994. News reports said that within a week of putting the suit on their racks.

Slingshot bikini

The slingshot bikini is a one-piece bikini that is supported by fabric at the neck. In fact, sling bikini has as little or even less, coverage (or as much exposure) as a swimsuit. 

This type of bikini also has some variation of names such as “suspender bikini”, “sling bikini”, “slingkini”, “suspender thong”, or just “slingshot”. It is so named because of its resemblance to the Y-shape frame of a slingshot. When designed for or worn by a man, it is often called a “mankini”.

What is in their design?

In general, a slingshot bikini combines a bikini bottom of any style, with side straps extending upwards to cover the breasts, then going over the shoulders and behind the neck or extending down the back. 

design of Slingshot bikini

The sling swimsuit leaves the sides of the torso uncovered while covering the nipples and pubic area. Behind the neck, the straps may join and reach down the back to the buttocks thong or string style.

Variation of sling swimsuits

Pretzel swimsuit possesses the straps behind the neck and another set of straps around the midriff, instead of straps down the back. These designs include the body form-suspender and other open bust and/or crotchless variants such as the “peekaboo” slingshot (by Spanish manufacturer the-Bikinis) and “ouvert” sling bikini (by German manufacturer Tangaland).

Slingshot bikini variation

Mankini is a slingshot bikini worn by men. These types of bikinis were inspired by some blockbusters of Europe.

Slingshot bikini that belongs to…?

Not all women fit with this type of bikinis! It is a pity but I must say that. So, which tips show you that you belong to slingkinis? Just follow these:

  • Understand your shape!
  • Deeply know about your taste of colors, styles!
  • Are you confident to dress up extremely noncoverage bikinis?

However, few ladies understand that! And you? Have you clearly acknowledge that? 

Slingshot bikini

It is commonly thought that slingshot bikinis are more suitable for well-toned women because it helps show their curve effectively. Hence, it is rare to see those who are strong, fit, and healthy try to put them on in a number of beaches. That is an ideal way to show off their physical beauty in front of their counterparts as well as increase their confidence. 

Women with the heavy waistline, however, should not try it. You should get some tankinis or peekaboo to hide away your disadvantages from your body, as opposed to drawing attention from other people to focus them!

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