Swimwear for body types! May it be difficult?

Beach days are coming, my naughty girls!!! It’s time for us to go around some shop then collect as much as possible what you love, especially the bikinis for this coming holiday. But, do you know which swimwear for body types? And what are the best swimwears for you? 

In this blog, My Naughty Bikini will help you to know more about how to choose the types of bikini that are suitable for you. Ready, girls? Here we go!!!


It is often said that the best ways to enjoy 100% beach day are bikini and flip flops. And, everyone has their right to wear whatever swimwear they want. Moreover, the thing like balance their proportions as sculpt, minimize, conceal, or restrict their body for anyone else should not be the barriers for us to enjoy the hot summer day. However, the relationships with our bodies can be simple, and sometimes shopping for swimsuits can feel a little daunting.

Swimwear for body types 1

It is true that everyone should wear something that makes them feel the happiest, confident, and truly themselves. But, It is much better if these suits can help you shine more and show off as much as poss. This is also the reason why we’ve rounded up some of the cutest styles that happen to look particularly brilliant on different body shapes, including bikinis, swimsuits, and modest swimwear.

Keep scrolling down to discover the different type of our bikini and choose what suitable for you.

Disclaimer: You are so beautiful in your own way. We do not try to shame your body. Our intention is to give you a new insight when choosing a bikini. 

Swimsuits for pear shape girls

So what is the pear shape? This means that you’re curvy at the hips and thighs and smaller on top. I can say that you are so lucky to own this shape. And it seems to be the easiest type of body for choosing a suitable bikini. Hence, the key to the perfect swimsuit is balancing your proportions and getting the coverage you need for your bottom half.

Swimwear for body types 2

Tips and tricks:

  • For a traditional fix, look for a clean-skirted bottom that falls just below the largest part of the upper leg.
  • Avoid reaching for a boy short or thick-banded bottom. The extra fabric will only call attention to the area you’re trying to mask.
  • A plunging neckline or eye-catching top draws the eye upward, minimizing the bottom.

What to choose if you have a large butt

It is common to see this type of body everywhere. There are many celebs own this too such as Cardi B, Katy Perry… If you are in this type, it means that you’re chesty and require more support up top. Understanding that, our designer teams try our best to create a wide range of bikini for your plentiful choices.

Our solution is that providing that you’re more well-endowed on top, then support is key. Opt for suits with underwire or molded cups to give the girls the support they need. Avoid ruffles or embellishments up top if you’re hoping to minimize the focus on your chest.

Swimwear for body types 3

Tips and tricks:

  • Bra-style tops with underwire and adjustable straps provide extra bust support. The thicker the strap, the more support.
  • Higher backs are also a good fit for helping to keep the girls up.
  • Molded cups provide extra support and are available in many different styles.
  • Explore suits marked with sizing like your regular bra, including styles that go above a D, which are constructed to support a larger bust.

How about the small butt girls? What suit them?

If you have the same type of body as Kate Hudson, Zoe, Saldana, or Ariana Grande, you belong to the small butt type. Our solution for you is that you can look for styles with more minimal coverage or embellished detailing, bows, and patterns to create the illusion of a larger chest.

Swimwear for body types 4

Tips and tricks:

  • Triangle tops create the illusion of curves, as do tops with bold prints or embellishments with ruffles.
  • Bra tops and padded push-up tops offer extra lift and can create cleavage, as can certain halter tops.
  • A smaller bust always means you can wear tiny scoop tops or bandeaus — embrace them!


Above are some tips and tricks to help you end stressful and frustrating swimsuit shopping this year. These are also some solutions to better your style of beach fashion. From curvier frames to athletic body types, we’re helping to make sense of the endless swimwear options and narrowing them down to the choices that were made to fit and flatter your frame. Want to know what you should be looking for? Read on to get the experts’ dos and don’ts, find your perfect suit, and never hate bikini shopping again!

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