About Us

Welcome to My Naughty Bikini! We are a new company that was formed with a single goal in mind; provide quality swimwear for those on a budget. We look for quality wherever it can be found. You may notice we do not subscribe to one single brand of swimwear. This is because not every product that brands put out are up to the quality standard we like to keep. We strive to be picky about our products. We are picky so that our customers know what they are buying is a quality product.

We are youths with grand passion of swimwear, based in Sydney. Although Sydney already has many high quality swimwear brands, My Naughty Bikini is one of the few places that can appreciate it the most. For a majority of the population of Australia’s East Coast and New Zealand a swimsuit can only be comfortably worn for 4-5 months out of the year. Why spend A$ 100 on an item that can’t be worn year-round? This is why we thought of quality swimwear on a budget. Spending a half the normal price of a quality swimsuit because it can only be worn half the normal time. For the rest of the country that may get to wear suits year-round, our prices are just a bonus!

We are not a robot company. When you email mynaughtybikini@gmail.com, your message will be read by a human and you will get a response from a human as well. Please feel free to contact us with any questions about products, the company, or social media.

Thank you for checking us out! I hope we provide what you need.