National bikini day in the US: When and how is celebrated?

#National #Bikini #Day is comming! Welcome, all of you guys!

Don’t be surprised to hear that the world has a national bikini day. If you are truly a fan of bikini, do not miss this post out because My Naughty Bikini will give you a brief about the national bikini day in July. We think that there is no more wonderful moment than when you chill out with friends in the bikini that day. Ready girls? Discover now!


A brief about the national bikini day

A quick look through the origin of the bikini

It was Louis Reard, a French designer who was considered as the father of bikini. At first, he wanted to name this type of clothes as “atom”. However, he changed his mind and decided to take the name oò “bikini”, named after the Bikini Atoll, the place where the USA conducted atomic tests as the official name.

When is the national bikini day in the US and how is celebrated

It took a long time for the public to accept the bikini

By World War II, sunbathers cast aside the chaste one-piece bathing costumes for modest two-piece bathing suits. However, nothing prepared the United States for the revealing bikini when it hit the beaches on July 5, 1946. The skimpy strips of fabric were seen as less than a women’s unmentionables. While Europe enthusiastically donned the bikini after a long and arduous world war, American’s sense of decency kept them from accepting the bikini until the 1960s.

 When is the national bikini day in the US and how is celebrated

National bikini day is to celebrate the day bikini is widely wore 

This also marks a new era when women freely show off their shape and curve of the body. It was not until July 5, 1946, the bikini was officially accepted in the beaches, pools, and fashion runway. Thus, almost of people took that day as the National Bikini Day marking the anniversary of the invention of the revealing two-piece bathing suit.

Nowadays, it is easy to come across a lot of bikini variants in all shapes, sizes, colors, and fabrics. With the development of technology and fashion, bikini designers always try their best to come up with the new fashion of bikinis to meet the higher demand from many customers.

When is the national bikini day in the US and how is celebrated

Throughout the summer, the beaches and pools call for swimwear. If you’re considering the bikini, perhaps the celebration is the day to pick one that fits your style from the summer collection from My Naughty Bikini.

Why the national bikini day is celebrated?

The national bikini day is the chance to upgrade your sense of bikini fashion

The first and foremost reason that you should welcome the national bikini day with us is that it is a great chance for you – the fan of bikini to witness new types and styles of bikini. Thus, you can also manifest your fashion sense:

When is the national bikini day in the US and how is celebrated

  • You can flaunt your bikinis with great designs
  • You can also try varieties like shirking, tankini, or halter bikini. 
  • You can also wear it along with great accessories including your shades and bandanas.

The national bikini day is the reason for you to to to the beach 

As you know the national bikini day is a wonderful opportunity for you to show off your body even you are too shy to wear it on a normal day. For sure, a lot of people are thinking the same. You can go to the beach and have all the fun that you want especially with your family and friends.

When is the national bikini day in the US and how is celebrated

It is true that everyone can wear a bikini regardless of their body type. And, people can choose different styles of bikinis that they feel comfortable. So, no matter what your body type is, be proud of it and wear bikinis during this day.

How to celebrate the national bikini day? 

First of all, prepare yourself a bikini

Let’s go out to choose your perfect bikini for the upcoming holiday. Nowadays the bikini is so common that you can buy them everywhere. You can also find the newest and the most trendy items in My Naughty Bikini, Our design teams always try our best to keep you be the chic and sexy girls.

When is the national bikini day in the US and how is celebrated

Then, don’t you dare to wear the sexiest bikini?

It is the fact that the national bikini holiday is a great chance for you to wear your belove swimsuit. So why don’t you try the new one than ever?  If you have time, you can go to the beach to swim while you wear your favorite pair of bikinis. You can also just go to the swimming pool and flaunt your fashioned bikinis.

Make the national bikini day special on Social Media

You can also take your celebration of this day on social media. You can, for instance, use the hashtag #NationalBikiniDay to let your friends and followers know that you are also participating in the celebration of this day.

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