Micro bikini with classic blue – the color of the year 2020

Do not be surprised that we went through the first half of 2020. And, 2020’s most trendy micro bikini are shaped in the way we expected at the end of next year! Micro bikini with classic blue which rules from every runway as well as the dynamic beaches.

In this blog, we want to give you deep insight into this trendy color. However, we do not only end up with the cutout one-pieces and sexy two-pieces celebrities have been wearing, but we also tapped some of our favorite swimsuits style that applied the classic blue!

Micro bikini with classic blue - the color of the year 2020_7

About the Classic blue – the color that makes the micro bikini more attractive this year

Hey, my naughty girls! A new phase of the year a new vibe begins with the classic blue. So do MyNaughtyBikini, we couldn’t be more excited about the Pantone Color of the Year for 2020 – The year of blue bikinis! Royal, shimmering, tranquility inducing blue bikini hues are here.

Maybe you not know that Classic Blue is a signal of the infinite sky at dusk. Although it is elegant yet simplistic make us feel a sense of reassurance and comfort. With technology ever-evolving beyond our ability to comprehend at times, we often seek restful colors that allow us to re-center and concentrate with clarity.

Micro bikini with classic blue - the color of the year 2020

As far as we concern that the Pantone’s Color of the Year has affected the design style for more than 2 decades including fashion, home furnishings, and industrial design, as well as product packaging and graphic design. 

Thus, to become the trend of this year, the Pantone Color has to be experienced a very strict selection process requiring careful consideration and trend analysis. This can include the entertainment industry and films in production, traveling art collections and new artists, fashion, all areas of design, popular travel destinations, as well as new lifestyles, playstyles, and socio-economic conditions. 

How MyNaughtyBikini apply the color of the year into our micro bikini collection

Additionally, we try our best to fast catch up with this trend to create new micro bikini collection for you this summer

No matter what your goals are for the upcoming holiday, do them in style with our curated collection below highlighting the best blue bikinis complementing the Pantone Color of the Year! Check out Blue Rebel, Pacific Blue, and Azure. Happy Shopping!

Micro bikini with classic blue - the color of the year 2020_1

Keep scrolling to discover the styles they’re championing this season. Plus, a selection of one-pieces and bikinis that fall within each trend. Though shopping can feel a bit stressful at the moment, there’s something to be said for supporting a smaller brand with a purchase.


Enrich your Classic blue micro bikini with Wrap-Effect Swimsuits

This type of bikini is one-piece. When being colored with the Pantone Color of the Year it becomes ingenious for incorporating a hidden underwire that adds that extra lift for a super flattering fit. To this purpose, our team of designers is currently finding new ways to support and enhance the female form and this wrap suit is perfect because it does just that.

Micro bikini with classic blue - the color of the year 2020_3

It seems unthoughtful when mentioning the micro bikini without talking about the printed bikinis

Painted swimsuits with different patterns will colorize your beloved summer on the beach. Imagine that you seem to mix the emerald sea and nobody can distinguish both of you all. We think it really amazing. But remember putting on sunscreen to avoid the tan when playing under the harsh sunlight at noon!

Micro bikini with classic blue - the color of the year 2020_3

When choosing a micro bikini, let’s try the classic blue of Swimsuits With Ruffles

Don’t you know that the ruffles will have a big moment in 2020? So we try to introduce you to a playful update on this type of swimsuits. As you know the classic blue micro bikini is right on trend with its multi-layered ruffles, mixed prints, and big personality. 

 Micro bikini with classic blue - the color of the year 2020_5

Classic blue micro bikini trend for the second half of 2020: Maillots That Double as Bodysuits

You are a fan of a micro bikini that multitask, are not you? Then, I and our team designers believe that this type of bikini can easily be worn as a top under a skirt or jeans to dinner. It makes packing so much easier and your purchase goes a long way when you see it as both a swimsuit and top!

Micro bikini with classic blue - the color of the year 2020_6


If you are seeking for the place of full classic blue with a new piece of swimsuits, then the beach and the Pantone of Lurex is really the best choice!


Whether you can spend warmer months by the pool or you’ll be tanning from your fire escape, odds are you’ll want a swimsuit to help you maximize soaking up that vitamin D. So, when you think about it, bathing suits are actually quite practical in terms of at-home attire.


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