How to make G string bikini? Let’s try ladies!

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The G string bikini is a swimwear mainstay this summer! Are you fast enough to purchase some items to play on the beach? If not, why don’t we DIY a stylish one to show our own characteristics! Wait no more, let’s do this!

Firstly, let My Naughty Bikini share somethings about G string bikini

Its name perfectly describes the uniqueness of the G string bikini. They have strings as opposed to straps. Besides, G string bikini forms a T at the back rather than forming a Y shape.

This type of bikini is often made from very thin, sometimes very sheer fabric ranging from polyester to spandex. It also doesn’t have tie-side bottoms. However, G string bikini has a continuous strap forming a T in the back.

somethings about G string bikini

Compared with other bikinis, G string bikini is more difficult to mix with other full-coverage bikini tops as they’re so tiny. So be careful when wearing it on the public beaches or the place that children are playing around. On the other hand, you can feel free to show off your body on the private pool or adult beaches.

Why should you have a G string bikini?

You seem to be more sexy and playful on it

It’s a little bit seductive and sensual when wearing a G string bikini. That’s the perfect idea to attract your partner’s attention. Next time, let try wear this while you’re swimming? Of course, you are the center of the crowd!

Why should you have a G string bikini

You can put aside the worry of tan lines

Commonly. lots of people dislike the untanned areas underneath their swimsuits after playing. A G string bikini will cope with this problem as it only covers the parts you would never show the public anyway.

How to make G string bikini?

Materials needed

  • Swimwear fabric
  • Elastic
  • Sewing machine

Follow these steps

  • Adjusting the pattern which depends on your shape
  • Cut the pattern out into a piece
  • Match up the lining with the lining and put the right side together
  • Use a sewing machine to line them up

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