How bikini was invented? Here we will tell you everything

Do you know how a bikini can rule human fashion in all the runway, beach, pool, and other dynamic events? It is a pity if you have a passion for swimwear without knowing a brief history of bikini. In this blog, My Naughty Bikini will bring you back to the past to see how a small swimsuit can be the longlasting trend ever. Get ready girls? Now the time for us to discover how bikini was invented!


A brief history of bikini begins much earlier than we think…

The evidence of swimsuit-style for women was found in 5600 BC (it appear too early, do not you think so?) so a brief history of bikini may begin at that ara. Then, people also found this evidence in the Roman era when those in the past use bikini-style clothes for competitive athletic events in many locations. And, Villa Romana del Casale is the most familiar place to witness the appearance of the so-called bikini.

A brief history of bikini: Do you know how bikini was invented?

And, this type of clothes was favored some mordern-thinking women, especially the two-piece bathing suits which were being used by women as early as the 1930s.

However, A brief history of bikini has just really begun in 1946!

Despite its appearance for a long time, the bikini was officially introduced in 1946 when the World War II broke out. And a French engineer named Louis Read was known as the father of the modern bikini as you can see now.

A brief history of bikini: Do you know how bikini was invented?3

The bikini made its debut in a poolside fashion show in Paris which is the most significant fashion event at this time. And, of course, this event became the center of the debate about the beauty standard of fashion. And, it đi not come as a surprise that lots of French fashion models supposed to wear it. They strongly refused, and the original designer had to enlist a stripper instead

A brief history of bikini: Do you know how bikini was invented?2

Some people hated it because women had worn so revealing a garment in public. The others loved to wear a bikini since it made them more comfortable to join a sporty competition.

How bikinis was accepted?

Although a ton of women did not like this type of clothes for its first-time appearances, bikini was still an undeniable revolution of clothes. And, the bikini gradually became the widely known item for the beach in western countries in the late 19th century. Then, it gained wide acceptance for both genders and it has more places to apply. 

A brief history of bikini: Do you know how bikini was invented?4

Despite a brief comeback for the one-piece in the early nineties, the bikini remains the swimwear of choice for many women, starring in films such as James Bond, and on the catwalk. The suffix ‘kini’ has even fund its way into Middle Eastern fashion, with the invention of the birkini.

A brief history of bikini: Do you know how bikini was invented?5

And, the bikini is perhaps the most popular type of female beachwear around the globe because of “the power of women, and not the power of fashion”. As he explains, “The emancipation of swimwear has always been linked to the emancipation of women.

How a brief history of bikini look like these days?

After being accepted, bikinis appeared everywhere, and we could say that such displays would have been unthinkable. People wore it every time to go to the beach, pool event to show their body shape. They wore voluminous bathing costumes and even made use of a peculiar Victorian contraption called the bathing machine, essentially a small wooden or canvas hut on wheels.

A brief history of bikini: Do you know how bikini was invented?6

The bikini is so ubiquitous now —and comparatively so demure—that it’s hard to comprehend how shocking people once found it. Currently, people made bikini more variants ranging from the basic ones to extremely micro bikinis.

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A basic swimsuit – a must-have item for ladies throughout a brief history of bikini

As you may know, throughout a brief history of bikini, this type of swimwear seemed not to lose their position at the top of women’s minds about the swimsuit. This type of bikini suits with every body shape because it has many sizes and can cover almost weakness in the women’s body. If you are unconfident with your shape but want to freely play on the beach, it is the best choice for you!

Micro bikini – the new trend for sexy ladies!

If you look through a brief history of bikini, you will notice that the bikini is changing all the time – every day, everywhere. This type of bikini has lots of variants such as thong bikini, transparent bikini, stringkini, and so on. 

A brief history of bikini: Do you know how bikini was invented?7

If you are love to show off all your curve and hot shape of the body, do not miss these out. Although these bikinis were banned strictly in the first time to be introduced, it quickly became the best-seller in many stores and online shops as well. For this fact, we try out best to update the hottest and most trendy swimsuit just for you! My ladies!

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