Get ready with me: Let’s choose new micro sling bikini

Which do options of bikinis you choose for this summer vacation in Sydney? Do you love the micro sling bikini? As you concerned, swimsuit fashion seems to have moved up to another level with the introduction of the new bikini with built-in micro sling bikini.

In this blog, My Naughty Bikini brings you an overview of micro sling bikini and show you top trendy micro sling bikini for 2020 summer! Get ready with me! You go, girl!!!


Do you know about micro sling bikini?

In general, micro sling bikini is also named as a “suspender bikini”, “suspender thong”, “slingshot bikini” or just “slingshot”. This type of bikini is a one-piece swimwear that provides as little coverage as a normal bikini. 

Usually, a micro sling bikini looks like a bikini bottom, but instead of the straps going around the hips or waist, the side straps extend upwards to cover the breasts and go over the shoulders. This leaves the entire sides of the torso uncovered, but the nipples and pubic area covered

How many variations of micro sling bikini?

There are no exact answers to this question as suspender bikini has speedily developed since 1994. In Lycra advent, this bikini has straps going around the neck, down the back and along the midriff keeping both sides of the torso bare.  This introduced in the mainstream in the 1990s.


Another variation, Pretzel bikini, straps encircle the neck and around the midriff keeping the back almost bare. The variation of sling bikinis that has the straps simply encircle the neck and another set of straps pass around the midriff, instead of the straps passing over the neck and down the back.

How to store your new micro sling bikini?

Store your new micro sling bikini in a controlled location. This means that you have to make sure the roof doesn’t ooze near it; make sure the boiler doesn’t steam near it. And please note to control the temperature as well as you can. Avoid stuffy and humid rooms as much as possible. In some cases, under your bed is much better than the storage closet or rarely used attic because your bedroom is more likely to have a more regulated temperature.

Please do not forget, when the following summer months come around again, wash (or at least rinse) your bathing suit before you wear it to clean it from the dust that may have accrued.

Have a look at micro sling bikini in My Naughty Bikini!

As a Sydney bikini retailer, My Naughty Bikini is now selling the latest model of slingshot bikini that is bound to have mixed feelings with shoppers. The indecent number is already a confusion for some shoppers as they could not make sure whether it is actually swimwear or underwear.

The most essential part is the material from the bikini bottoms that wrap around the thigh. One thing is for sure, you need to be body confident to wear this but knowing today’s fashion trends, there will be lots of people on the beach this summer wearing this naughty new type of bikini.

Top micro sling bikini in My Naughty Bikini!



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