G string vs Thong what should I wear?

In the past few decades when people had to struggle for life, there were no chances to think about what to wear on chilling on the beach! Things, however, have changed these days, especially with the introduction of the bikini in 1960. Among these, G string vs Thong seems to be closely the same. Sometimes, ladies fail to differentiate between them. 

So, which style do you prefer? In this post, we would like to clear any confusion that you may bear in your mind as concern about thongs and G-strings, how they differ, how they’re similar.

G string vs Thong


An overview of thongs

Thongs are nearly the same as normal panties in the front, but as opposed to going all around the female, the sides are a thick stretch of the fabric. The back is a stretch of fabric that goes either inside, or over your butt crack.

thong bikini

A Thong has more fabric. For instant, both sides of a thong are quite thick which is various from 1cm to 10 cms. Moreover, you can see that the front of the thong covering your personals to be very large and covers everything. Equally importantly, the back of the thong is usually very big from 1cm to 4 cms.

An overview of G-string swimwear

A G-String is much smaller than a thong. It is a string that goes around the woman’s hips and through her butt crack. The front is a piece of fabric connected to the string to cover your most sensitive areas.

G-string biniki

Sometimes your personals can slightly show on both sides of the front but of course, this is the style of them. The string on both sides of the g-string connects commonly to a triangle at the back. Then at the bottom of the triangle, the string goes through your bum then connects to the crotch.

G string vs Thong is both worn for avoiding panty lines appearing in tighter clothing, comfort, and sex appeal. Thongs and G-Strings can both be worn as underwear or swimwear.

G String vs thong: What are the same?

The design

Both of these are quite the same as in their design. Therefore this causes confusion in the minds thus making an easy differentiation difficult. Hence, the foremost reason for the confusion is the similarity in panty styles and cuts.

The design

Butt exposure

G string and thongs leave your butt uncovered or exposed. The central idea behind the minimum butt coverage is to give a no show look or to avoid any visible panty lines on the outside.

G String vs thong: What are the differences?

About the concept

A g-string gets a string running around your waist and down between the buttocks. The thin string gels wonderfully with the outer garment in order to facilitate a no peek-a-boo look. The front part of the g-strings is mostly composed of sheer fabric in a triangular shape so as to provide coverage to only the important private parts.

G String vs thong: What are the differences

A thong looks like the normal panty style. The most feature that differentiates it to g string is that thong has no string. They generally have thin lace or any thin fabric that goes around the waist and in between the butt area.

About the shape

In thong, we normally see the horizontal and the vertical joining is in the Y shape. The g string, however, this joining is in a T shape. No matter what shapes they are, they are all acceptable if complete lady feelings. 

G String vs thong the differences

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