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Hey – my naughty ladies – swim season is outside your door! No matter who you are a beach lover, a pool-party lover, or love-to-sunbathe-in-the-backyard kind of lady, a plus size micro bikini is a good idea if you are not in the standard shape. 

Be confused when choosing a micro bikini for yourself? It is common to be stuck to purchase a bikini from a wide range of bikini store today. Fortunately, Mynaughtybikini is now making it easy for you to find your own plus size micro bikini this year. Open-back stunners? Check. Scalloped string bikinis? Check. Athletic one-pieces? Triple check. Which will you choose?’

plus size micro bikini


String bikini – the must-have item in a plus size micro bikini collection

It is true that string bikini or strinkini is the basic swimwear item that the lover of summer is always making it available. And it is the best choice if no other swimsuit can fit your body shape. Moreover, this is a micro bikini that makes you truly and fully taste the sunlight as well as the water when you play on the beach. Thus, this is also the right bikini that brings you the confidence to enjoy all the funny things in the summer out there!

String bikini - plus size micro bikini

Maybe you not know: the string bikini recently has become a hot-hit item for the girl in their teen when going out to travel, play on the beach. The reason is that this type of bikini is made to show off all girl’s imaginations wild. And, providing that you get an extra weight of the body, this one is perfect for you. When you are on the beach in a swimsuit, you want to enjoy the sun as well as the water. 

String bikini - plus size micro bikini

Additionally, string bikini is various in terms of the materials. They can be a metallic string made of silver or even gold. The strings will cling across your waist when attached to the pants.

String bikini - plus size micro bikini

You will enjoy this bikini string as an ornament that highlights your body shape. You can select from a number of great bikini styles. The bikinis are designed to shape up your body, to minimize your hips, to highlight your bust, and to spice up your total appeal.

Why don’t you try One-piece vintage swimsuit – the new trend in a plus size micro bikini collection

A close customer of mine shared that she was always finding a micro bikini that can cover their shape as she is a plus-size lady. 

One-piece vintage swimsuit plus size micro bikini

Thus I suggest that she should try some vintage bikinis that contain removable straps, a flattering ruffle, and a sexy off-the-shoulder flair. And with tons of patterns and colors to choose from, there’s a look that will appeal to everyone.

A plus size micro bikini collection with some unique sidestroke

Our MyNaughtyBikini design team has teamed up together to create a super cute and amazing swimsuit that is just for those who are plus-size shapes. To make these have more variants, we added some patterns like string, sparkling, laces. Thus, this will make you more confident and emerged when hanging on the beach with your friends. 

plus size micro bikini

Moreover, this is a micro bikini that is on top best-seller in our store. Lots of women love is as it provides support, flexibility, and style all in one, thanks to the luxe, Italian-made fabric. 

Make your summer hotter with leopard swimsuit

We know that leopard pattern is the hottest trend that rules over others in this summer 2020. Thus, we try to update this trend as fast as possible. Moreover, we also focus on the materials that make you feel more comfortable. 

Leopard plus size micro bikini

 “I just came back from a two-week beach vacation and this was my go-to swimsuit,” writes one satisfied customer. “The fabric feels so silky (no annoying elastic digging into your skin), and I felt just as secure paddle boarding and kayaking as I did lounging by the pool.”

How about a busty breallet

Our design team discussed for a week then producing this type of micro bikini especially for women who have their cup sizes DD and above. 

Busty breallet in a plus size micro bikini

This is a plus size micro bikini inspired by the brand’s best-selling bralette. As one reviewer gushed, “Finally a swim top that fits me, doesn’t feel like I’m going to fall out, and is super comfortable!”

Do not miss the Miraclesuit One-piece out when you are looking for a plus size micro bikini 

This type of small bikini will help you to stand out from the crowd. Believe me, girl! 

Miraclesuit One-piece plus size micro bikini

There are tons of reasons for me to note that which are: The proprietary Miratex fabric and underwire bra supports without constricting; the stretch fibers provide shapewear-level control, and the plunging V-neckline adds just the right amount of sexiness.

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