Enjoy your Sydney summer paradises with transparent micro bikini

Micro bikinis Sydney become trendy in the last summer. Now it is much more popular with bros and sis who want to show off their body beauty. 

Let’s transparent micro bikini! Have you hear it from your close friends! In this post, My Naughty Bikini will be with you to deep dive into this type of bikini called transparent bikini!


Maybe you not know: It was not until 1946 that the first bikini was introduced. Since then, the bikini was speedily developed with lots of variations. Among these, the transparent one was launched currently and famous in Europe and American countries. 

There are some overall critics as to transparent micro bikini shows too many skins and it should be ban from the public areas. Others, however, argue for its fashion function that brings consumers extreme emotion when enjoying the beach. Though transparent micro bikini is still on the debate, it is widely sold in Australia and numerous love it!

What is transparent micro bikini?

Transparent or see-through micro bikini is the sexiest bikini that covers as least as possible the amount of skin. Every style of the bikini can be the transparent one such as peekaboo transparent bikini, bandeau see-through bikini… The transparent level is shown when you expose to water thus making the special bikini.

Why transparent micro bikini?

Somebody loves it unconditionally. We, however, propose the reason mainly is that this type will make you be the center of attention. Imagine that after playing with the water your strong body was disclosed. May it make you stand out from the crowd? Another point is that transparent micro bikini brings you the feeling that you have never got with the others before.

Purely seductive, this micro bikini leaves very little to the imagination featuring material that is see-through or sheer. See-through micro bikinis are wonderful for tanning in the backyard or lounging on a beach where nudity is allowed. 

These bikinis are all about the ability to see what’s underneath and still include the same micro-mini coverage as other micro bikinis. These bikinis drip in sex-appeal and are designed for on-lookers to stare. Wear a sheer bikini with confidence! 

Do and Don’t on wearing a transparent micro bikini?

The Do

  • Mix and Match different tops and bottoms
  • Change styles to create a new mood on the beach
  • Mix with accessories
  • Be kept the informed new trend
  • Apply sunscreen


  • Wear oversize

  • Buy low-quality ones

Special note for you if you own a transparent micro bikini?

If you’re wondering ‘Can I wear a micro bikini in public?’ the answer is probably ‘no’. While society is growing in acceptance to less fabric, you may find a few moms shielding their kids’ eyes and telling you to cover up.

Some transparent micro bikini this summer 2020!

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