Definition of nano bikini

How do you feel after landing in the wonderful land of the bikini? Amazing, curious and be overwhelmed because the bikini land contains a lot of variants. Today, My Naughty Bikini will introduce you to a really famous type of bikini called nano bikini. Have you ever heard that? Well, let see what is nano bikini? And why nano bikini for you ladies! 

Get ready? Here we go!!!


What is nano bikini?

Recently nano bikini becomes the hottest keywords on the Internet. And, as the 2020 summer is comming, nano bikini is demand more than other seasons in the year. So, who knows about this type of bikini! Let My Naughty Bikini show you its definition!

Definition of nano bikini1

“Nano bikini” is also known as “Ultra-micro” bikinis which are becoming “the thing” ruling our summer months earlier this year. This type of bikini is so hot that it almost all the runway, fashion magazine mention about it.  And, this category includes the current fashion trend of “clear string/strap” sub-micro bikinis. 

Wicked Weasel (Australia!) do a range of COSTLY “ultrasmall” swimwear more suited to the seedier nightclubs than the beach, but I have seen these being worn (albeit none too often – probably due to the cost!), on ostensibly “family” friendly beaches.

Nano bikini tops vs. bottoms!

Nano bikini tops

The tops of this type of bikini have lots of variants from styles and cuts. But if you are creative girls, why don’t you use another type like a tube top, bandeau tops to mix with a nano bottom? And, you can definitely make use of a halter-style neck that offers more coverage and support, a rectangular strip of fabric covering the breasts that minimizes large breasts and the more traditional triangle cups that lift and shape the breasts.

Definition of nano bikini2

Nano bikini bottoms

I think you do not believe this fact but it is true: There are over 30 different types of bikini all over the world. This means that nano bikini bottoms get a lot of variants ranging from style, cut, and the amount of rear coverage they offer. The coverage ranges from full, as in the case of more modest bottom pieces like briefs, shorts, or briefs with a small skirt-panel attached, to full butt exposure, as in the case of the thonging. And, you can mix and match them to make creative swimsuits that reflect your style. 

How many materials are the nano bikini made from?

As you know, the increasing growth of bikini is positively in relation with the number of material from which the swimsuits are made. Additionally importantly, the fabrics and other materials used to make bikinis are an essential element of their style and crucial modifiers of swimsuit design.

Definition of nano bikini3

Cotton seems to be the oldest and the most traditional material used in bikini design for it makes the users feel comfortable when doing a certain activity. The use of cotton made the swimsuit more practical, and the increased reliance on stretch fabric after 1960 simplified construction. And, today, we can also find other materials like PVC, latex, crochet… because they help to lower the cost of production and meet more user’s demand.  

Be careful to wear nano bikini in the public!

For us – My Naughty Bikini, we do not think that wearing a nano bikini is the wrong thing. It depends on each demand and hobby. Don’t you think so? However, it is unfortunate that some public places do not accept this type of bikini because this swimsuit reveals too much body of women.

Definition of nano bikini4

Additionally, we think people hardly accept your wearing nano bikini in the children’s playgrounds. So be careful to search whether your playing destination accepts nano bikini or not? 

Finally, why nano bikini?

If you want to be the center of attention when having a beach day, nano bikinis for you. Are you confident enough to show off almost all your skin, your curve in front of other people? We do hope so because women are born to shine, especially in this way. But remember to put on some sunscreen. We do believe that you will definitely have a wonderful holiday in the nano bikini.

Definition of nano bikini5

And if you do not have a chance to travel or have a hot beach day, you can also wear nano bikini in your house on the pool or in your back yard. I can see how relaxing you feel every morning when you sunbath under the soft sunlight with a cool breeze or in the evening – the time you retreat yourself with clean and clear water in the pool.

So, now is the time for you to discover which nano bikini really suits you to welcome the wonderful summer. If you have any questions about nano bikini or its counterparts, do not hesitate to contact us!

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