High waisted bikini bottoms: Don’t miss it out when chilling out

Don’t miss high waisted bikini bottoms out when chilling out

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Honestly, high waisted bikini bottoms are not always the cup of tea for all ladies as showing off their bodies. However, if you are finding a super convenient small bikini whatever your body shapes are, they are the best choice for you. So, don’t you dare to stand out from the crowd this summer with high waisted bikini bottoms?

Be a creative lady when mixing different items with high waisted bikini bottoms

It’s never easy to answer the question that what to wear with high waisted bikini bottoms? Take it easy with our tips as below:

A tassel top makes you a true fashionista

A high waisted bikini bottom goes with printed tassels that seem to be tailor-made for plus-size ladies. There are no more wonderful items than the tassels to cover the heavy bosoms in the sexiest way. How about dress up this swimsuit on your next beach time!

High waisted bikini bottoms with tassel tops

Let’s try with a halter style bikini top 

Who wanna make your bosom bigger? Wait no more, mix a high waist bikini bottom with a halter style bikini top now! They may do nothing but make you become the most trendy girl. Providing that you have a great bosom, a halter style bikini top will make your body look balanced (take Kim Kardashian as an example)

High waisted bikini bottoms with halter style bikini tops

How about a Ruffled Top

A Ruffled Top with a high waist bikini bottom is extremely suitable for ladies who have a small-size chest.

High waisted bikini bottoms with ruffled tops

So, Who should wear high waisted bikini bottoms and look best on them?

If you have some concerns about whether to go out with high waisted bikini bottoms or not, here we have a suggestion for you to choose the best bikini of your summer fashion.

  • For body types hourglass, pear, or diamond body type, you’ll look sexy in a high waisted bikini whatever your shape and size are.
  • If you are petite women, then only you can do with high waisted bottoms are actually trying them. If it isn’t suitable for you, forget the high waisted bikinis and find others like string, thong bikinis.
  • For an apple body type, a high waisted bottom will help you tuck in the tummy fats and give shape to it.Who should wear high waisted bikini bottoms?

How to make high waisted bikini bottoms 

Let’s create new high waisted bikini bottoms in your way and show them to your friends! May it a stupid idea? No, just shine your light with your bikini with our tips:

What need?

  • A dress or swimsuit fabric 

  • Sewing machine

  • Thread 

  • Stretch needle

  • Iron

  • Scissors

  • Fabric marker or chalk

Let’s do it now! Remember 03 steps

  • Cutting out the pieces for the bottoms

  • Sewing together the bikini bottoms

  • Finishing the edges with elastic

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