Bikini jewelry: Stand out from the crowd

Hey, My Naughty Girls! Welcome back to our fashion of bikinis. Today, we will introduce you to a really attractive type of bikinis which is the so-called Bikini Jewelry. Have you ever heard about Bikini Jewelry? Whether the answer is yes or no, let’s follow My Naughty Bikini to discover more about this type of swimsuits.

Get ready my ladies. Here we go!


In fact, there is nothing that can glamorize your appearance on the beach as fast as layering on a few blinged-out pieces of jewelry. So, be confident to choose a Bikini Jewelry. And, why don’t you think beyond your conventional choker or dainty ankle bracelet? 

Stand out from the crowd with bikini jewelry1

Just test out an elaborate body-chain that’s shaped like your favorite triangle bikini top. Want something that’s a little more subtle? Layer a delicate gold harnesses atop a simple black one-piece. Or for the trendy fashionistas: Take a cue from My Naughty Bikini and play the game of mix and match according to your own styles. The best part about beach-appropriate jewelry? Options come at a variety of price points. Keep scrolling down to see our favorite beach-worthy jewels below. Follow us now! 

Disclaimer:  This blog is not ‘the rule’, so feel free and take it for reference and change everything if you want. But this should give you some guidance and inspiration about the general trends in the competing world and what you could select for your next show.

So, what is Bikini Jewelry?

The easy answer is that it is a bikini consisting of bikini and Jewelry. As far as you know, there are lots of bikinis invented positively in the relationship with the development of bikini fashion. Thus, the introduction of Bikini Jewelry is a means to modernize the way people choose a certain bikini. 

Stand out from the crowd with bikini jewelry 2

This type of swimsuits is quickly favored by lots of ladies for it does not only show all the sexiest curves in the body but it also makes them “shine their light” everywhere they pass through. So, how about you? What do you think about this type of bikini? 

How many materials you can see in Bikini Jewelry? 

As you know, it is never easy to choose an item that fits your suits as well as your body. It is also the case of choosing material for your Bikini Jewelry because it will affect those final touches to creating or tweaking that ‘overall package’ that the judges want to see from any bikini, figure or fitness competitor.

In this blog of My Naughty Bikini, we will take you through something you should know about the materials of Bikini Jewelry, specifically for bodybuilding shows. Whether you should pick jewelry according to the federation, your bikini, your connectors, your hair length, and much more to help you make the right decisions.

Stand out from the crowd with bikini jewelry 3

May you not know that Stone and base mental is the most common materials to create a trendy Bikini Jewelry. And on the basis of the color of your rhinestones as well as the base color of your connectors you need to choose a color.  

Almost swimsuits come with connectors that are a base of either gold or silver..then based on the colors of the stones on your suit you want to pick jewelry that matches either the connectors or the stones on your suit. below are a description go the stone colors as well as different variations available.

Stand out from the crowd with bikini jewelry 9

Aurora Borealis (AB) Stones 

This type of stone is colorful in many variations of pinks, purples, and blues. These stones are famous for their lovely matching ability with teal, magenta, purple, emerald green, and mint green suits.

Silver/ab, silver/clear, silver/ab/clear mix OR gold/ab & gold/clear, gold/clear/ab

These mixes are options to choose from depending on the base color of your connectors as well as the color of the stones on your suit. Some people have a mix of stone colors so they opt for a set that has mixed rhinestones or they just mix and match pieces.

Take a look at the types of Bikini Jewelry? 

Stand out from the crowd with bikini jewelry 3

Stand out from the crowd with bikini jewelry 4

Stand out from the crowd with bikini jewelry 5

Stand out from the crowd with bikini jewelry 5

Stand out from the crowd with bikini jewelry 7

The last advice for you!

If you take these tips and do your research you can select the perfect jewelry for you bikikini or figure competition. After reading this article if you still feel uncomfortable picking your own gems, you can let the experts here at My Naughty Bikini do the work for you!

If you want to be more attractive, do not hesitate to buy at least one pair of earrings, one bracelet and one ring in your show day bikini bag. Though I think most people love something that is a bit of sparkle, remember that this is a physique show, not a jewelry show. The judges are predominantly looking at your physique and your competition jewelry alone does not dictate 1st to 2nd place.

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