Beach hats for women: Which one fits me best?

Hi ladies! It is My Naughty Bikiny again. It is fair to say that a good vibe comes from your bikini and the flip flops. But, be careful with the harsh sunlight which may cause your skin of the face to get tanned. Let’s protect the beautiful skin against the UV rays with some beach hats for women.

On the other hand, choosing some suitable beach hats is as difficult as finding your Mr. Right bikini. As far as you know, there are many types of beach hats for women in the general market. So how can you find the ones that are for you?

Because of this fact, we will introduce you to the top 5 beach hats for women that you should have for the beach day this summer! Discover now!

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Have you ever really got the importance of the beach hats for women

Beach hats act as the shield protecting women from the harmful effect of the UV rays in the sunlight

Maybe you not know that letting the skin too long under the sunlight may cause your skin to get a lot of disorders, especially the melasma. If you caught this skin disorder, you have to live with it for your lifelong time. Moreover, the heat from sunlight will make your skin become much more sensitive than usual. So, a hat is a good solution to protect your skin against the harmful effect of the summer sunlight.

Beach hats for women is also the fashion appearing for a long time ago

It is amazing that the hat styles that appeared from the Edwardian era were thoroughly influenced by the Art Nouveau in the 19th century. This is also an art movement that is marked by an international style of architecture and decorative arts. The main feature of this era was characterized by wide-brimmed hats coupled with pompadour hairstyles.

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Top 5 beach hats for women

Since their appearance, beach hats rapidly became one of the trendiest items that almost all women should bring when going out, especially for a beach day. We easily notice that women also wear hats for many occasions ranging from: weddings, birthdays, funerals, and parties, to name a few. While becoming widely acclaimed fashion accents, women’s hats have also been regarded as a symbol of status and class. As the old adage goes like, ‘if you want to get ahead and get noticed, then get a hat’.

Although Beach hats for women have their incredible revolutionary history, there is a plethora of different types and varieties of hats for women, each with its unique and distinctive size, features, looks and history. These are some of the most popular and different types of hats that have greatly evolved over the years and have become true fashion and style symbols for women.

The practical but trendy bucket hat

Providing that you are a true hat-lover, then it is impossible that you do not own the basic hat for the beach day. This type of hat is almost suitable for all mix and match clothes and other accessories. These hats are best described as the magical item for all types of clothes for chilling outside. 

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They first gain their significant fame in the US where lots of workers used it to avoid the sunlight at the workplace. Simply put, it is the hat that you have to own if you want to penetrate the world of fashion on the beach.

The elegant striped hat

This hat is more toward the vintage trend that draws people attracted from the first look. It is usually made from a variety of felt materials in order to make them stick to the head without them slipping or moving all the time.

The Ultra-wide brim hat

My Naughty Bikini chooses this because it is both fashionable and wide enough for body showing off and skin protection from UV rays. Nowadays, these hats seem to be the most elegant choice of hats for women given how sophisticated and chic they look. They are also quite similar to bucket hats in terms of appearance and they make excellent winter hats. 

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The fashionable fedora

Do not forget to bring this chic patterned fedora that pairs well with everything from sundresses to shorts. They go perfectly well with jumpsuits, floral dresses, one-piece outfits, and layered dresses, to name a few. You can easily spot a fedora from afar by its short rim, folded top and a unique ribbon styled around the base of the hat.

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The sunny greeting hat

Who says you can’t have fun while protecting yourself against the sun? Make a stylish statement — literally — with a sun hat that spells out exactly how you feel. So just shine in your own way with this chic hat

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